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I'm a husband, father, son, pastor, and a disciple wrestling with God in the 21st Century.


I lead from my convictions. With every fiber of my being, with every breath that I take, I strive to follow Jesus Christ. To follow Christ is to obediently discern the will of God. It is to live responsibly in each and every moment. It is to reflect the person of Christ by being an authentic and empowering presence in the lives of others. It is the impulse to spread out and increase the knowledge and practice of Jesus’ love, mercy, and grace. Only through a dramatic realignment of one’s own priorities and practices does the pathway of discipleship become contagious and clear to others. We must be willing to walk on the road that we point others towards.

I lead from my own discipleship. I lead as a disciple among disciples. My life is a daily act of submission before God wherein I strive to acknowledge my role as His steward and surrender myself before his will. I rely upon several different relationships to afford opportunities for mutual accountability, confession and encouragement. I embrace an attitude of worship that extends beyond a designated time or isolated style and overflows into the reality of each hour and day of my life. I commune with God through the proclamation, pursuit, and realization of joy, peace, justice, and reconciliation in the midst of a broken and weary world.

I lead from a sense of possibility. If God reigns then hope must conquer fear in every moment and with every decision. I must live by the faith of God’s promises and not by the limitations of my own perceptions. I do not unveil the Kingdom of God; it is being unveiled to me. If I walk in the shadow of the cross and the light of the resurrection, then failure is always a possibility but never the final outcome. I must be willing to embrace risk and challenge convention. Living by principle must never eclipse living responsibly. Reconciliation and redemption become tangible realities amidst action rather inaction. Jesus calls each of us to “Come and see.”


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