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August 27, 2009


Bryan Burton


Thanks for (re)engaging with your blog, especially in light of the recent move within the ELCA, a move which I anticipate within the PCUSA at next year's GA. There is a true lack of theological integrity to both the Lutheran and Reformed tradition and the centrality of sola Scriptura. Unfortunately, even those previous statements which speak of sola Scriptura as being central to the theological and ethical conclusions within the ELCA, PCUSA, let alone the Episcopal Church, are found wanting because in the end it comes down to what hermeneutic is used leading towards a faithful witness through exegesis...Bottom line we are not only reading the Bible differently, we are reading a different Bible.

Hi Chris,
Happy to hear your views on this subject. It continues to sadden me that the leadership in many churches continue to ignore Scripture. Is it any wonder they are dying spiritually and literally?

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