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November 10, 2010


Bryan Burton


Great to see you writing again after all these months...Thought you were LOST at LOST. Fantastic reflections on the true nature of the Christis Scriptures...Of course Karl Barth said it best that the Bible is the written faithful word and witness to THE WORD AND WITNESS INCARNATE Jesus Christ.


Great read Chris ! I agree !

Haley Ballast

i'll keep this short & sweet:

wow. thanks. we miss you!

Brian Moss

Thanks for taking the time to write this. Living in the land of Biblical Exegesis at Regent College I have had the opportunity to dive into textual criticism. Like you, I have found the experience to only increase my faith, not diminish it. I would love for you to do a Part 2 in why that was the case for you.

Some of our required reading at Regent has been Bart Ehrman. While I haven't read "Misquoting Jesus" I have been exposed to his work. He essentially went from being one kind of fundamentalist to another kind of fundamentalist. Regardless, he remains a squeaky wheel.

You mentioned Sola Fide, but not Sola Scriptura. Perhaps Part 3 could be what Sola Scriptura means in light of this. But now I am just giving you more work to do.

Finally, for those looking for an introduction into this world I recommend the book "How To Read the Bible for All Its Worth" by Fee & Stuart. You can also download Fee's lecture on the topic "Why Christians Read Their Bibles Poorly" at


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